Thank you for applying to be a member of one of the North Shore’s best service teams – The Bean Team!  We take pride in our employees, because they take great pride in their work.

The Vanilla Bean first opened in May of 1998 by Paul and Jan Bergman.  They kept their passion going for this restaurant for 16 years until its sale in July 2014.  Though ownership has changed, their dedication and commitment to serving the finest quality meals in a family friendly environment lives on.  

Our stellar reputation for fine food and great service has grown through word of mouth, making the Vanilla Bean a breakfast, lunch and dinner destination on Minnesota’s North Shore. We look forward to expanding, and we are excited to welcome new team members!

We welcome applications from people who are passionate about food and have a sincere desire to serve our great customers.

If you’d like to fill out a paper copy, please download, fill out, and turn in the Vanilla Bean Employee Application to one of our Vanilla Bean Locations. Questions? Feel free to email us.

I understand if employed, false statements on this application shall be sufficient cause for immediate dismissal. Furthermore, I agree to obey all regulations of the employer as a condition of my employment. I understand this application for employment does not constitute an employment contract. I understand if hired, I will be employed on an ‘at will’ basis and I may quit, or I may be disciplined or discharged, at any time, with or without notice, for any reason. I understand the Vanilla Bean Restaurant & Bar’s receipt of this application does not imply I will be accepted for a job and does not imply that, if accepted, I will have a contract for employment. Vanilla Bean Restaurant & Bar is an Equal Employment Employer, without regard to race, color, creed, sex, national origin, handicap, sexual orientation or other protected group.(required)

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