2018 Beer Dinner

Join Vanilla Bean Two Harbors on Saturday, March 3rd at 6pm as we feature Local Minnesota Breweries paired with delicious dishes!

$40 / 4 Course Meal

Blacklist Classic Wit

Paired with a Creamy Lemon and Chive Soup

5.5% Belgian Wheat Ale with Spices and Citrus

“Every Minnesotan has dreams of year-round summer, sunny days and patio nights. We did our best to put it in a can. Bright and light, with a touch of citrus and spice. Perfect in the boat, or in your coat. Let it put a little sunshine in your day, even during sweater weather.” Blacklist Artisan Ales, Duluth, MN

Finnegans Irish Amber

Paired with a Roasted Root Salad with Arcadian Greens, Feta, Candied Pecans and a Yellow Beet Vinaigrette

4.75% Full-Flavored, Medium-Bodied Irish Ale

“Finnegans Irish Amber is brewed with three varieties of imported two-row malts. The beer is pale amber in color but light in body. A gentle hop bitterness compliments its complex malt character.” – FINNEGANS Brew CoMinneapolis, MN

Indeed B Side Pils

Paired with a Butter-Crumb Crusted Pork Chop with sweet garlic whip, Potato Duchess and Seared Squash

5.1% German Pilsner

“A fresh spin on an old favorite, B-Side Pils is our cover of a classic, crafted with a traditional German malt bill and a blend of noble and newer German hops. Crisp and clean, crushable and complex, B-Side takes you off the clock and on to what makes you tick. When you’re on your time, flip to your B-Side.” – Indeed Brewing CompanyMinneapolis, MN

Fair State Raspberry Roselle

Paired with Raspberry Sorbet and whipped Hibiscus Crème

5.7% Kettle Sour Saison with Hibiscus

“Roselle is soured with our house lactobacillus strain and infused with hibiscus flowers, which lends the beer floral & citrus aromas, flavors, and its red hue. Tart, fruity, & floral.” – Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Minneapolis, MN

Allergy Disclaimer: If you have a food allergy, please alert your server when ordering. Not every ingredient is listed for each menu description. All requests to modify any of our offerings will be politely refused. Thank you!

Gluten-Free Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that any items prepared without gluten products are made in a facility that handles many other wheat products. During normal kitchen operations, there is a possibility for food items to come into contact with wheat gluten/proteins. However unlikely, we are unable to guarantee that any menu item is completely gluten-free.

Gratuity: A 20% Service charge may be added to groups of 8 or more guests