Here at the Vanilla Bean we take great pride in offering fresh flavorful meals. Company coming this weekend? Birthday party for 20? Business meeting for 10-100? Whether it is a park shelter at Gooseberry Falls, the golf course in Two Harbors or even in your backyard, we can help! Call us and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss all your dining needs.

See something you don’t like? We’ll substitute. Don’t  see what you want? We’ll do our best to make it.

We ask that you give us as much notice as possible. We will try to work with you no matter what, but a minimum 2-day notice for meals is preferred. Price quotes do not include tax or gratuity and are subject to change with market fluctuations. Orders may be subject to fees for on-site staff, delivery, and/or other service charges.

We look forward  to the opportunity to serve you!

Call us for your home or office dining needs!  We offer pick-up, drop off or buffet services.

Catering Menu

Box Lunches

Basic Box Lunch

Assorted meat & cheese, or vegetarian, sandwiches served with kettle chips, dill pickle and a cookie.  $9.00


Any of our current menu salads can be made into a wrap. Served with kettle chips, dill pickle.  Menu Price


Select from any of our current menu salads. Served with a roll & butter and cookie.  Menu Price


Relish Platter

An assortment of olives, pickles & fresh vegetables with dip

14″ Tray (12-15 people) $16.50
16″ Tray (20-30 people) $35.00
18″ Tray (40-50 people) $56.00

Special House Dip: Pint $7.99  Quart $13.99

10387043_672276789557320_1506752446164996562_oFruit Plater

Fresh seasonal fruit (as available) at market price

16″ Tray (15-30 people) Approx. $45.00
18″ Tray (30-50 people) Approx. $75.00



Cold Cut PlatterCold Cut Platter

A combination of sliced ham, turkey, and roast beef with Swiss, American, and Cheddar cheese.

16″ Tray (20-30 people) $59.00
18″ Tray (40-50 people) $85.00
Dollar Bun: $3.25 p/doz



Cookie Platter

$7.50 / Dozen


All Vanilla Bean soups are made from scratch in our kitchen and may be purchased by the gallon. Over 100 choices!

Here is just a sampling of our delicious flavors:

Our Award Winning Chicken Wild Rice
Our Award Winning Chili made with pork tenderloin, black beans & green chilies (in season)
Sweet Corn Chowder
Chicken Tortilla
Chicken with Homemade Noodles
Black Bean con Queso
Cream of Asparagus
Butternut Squash Bisque
Roasted Red Pepper Bisque

Just to name a few!

Prices range from $35.00-58 p/gallon
Lobster Bisque $72.00 p/gallon
One gallon yields 21 – 6oz servings

Breakfast Menus

Sweet Rolls

Cinnamon, Caramel, or Caramel Pecan rolls

Cinnamon: $39.00 /dozen
Caramel: $42.00 /dozen
Caramel Pecan: $45.00 /dozen

Caramel Pecan Bread Pudding

$50.00 /12×18 pan
Carmel Sauce $9.50 /pint

Our Famous Oven-Baked Omelets

$30.00   (9-12 Servings)
$58.00   (18-24 Servings)

Filling selections (Choose one meat, one cheese & one vegetables)

– Ham, bacon, or sausage
– Cheddar Jack, 4-cheese blend, American or feta
– Peppers, onions, spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, kalamata olives, pepperoni or mushrooms

Classic Hot Breakfasts

Scrambled Eggs
$29.00   (15-25 servings)
$42.00   (30-50 Servings)

Breakfast Meats: Bacon, Sausage Links, Sausage Patties and or Ham
$62.00   (15-25 servings)
$101.51   (30-50 Servings)

Breakfast Potatoes: American Fried Potatoes or Hash browns
$32.00   (9-12 servings)
$96.00   (18-24 Servings)

Corned Beef Hash
$48.00   (15-25 servings)
$64.00   (30-50 Servings)

French Toast
$48.00   (25 pieces)
$96.00   (50 pieces)

Coffee $12.00 (Air pot)    $75.00 (5 gallon thermos)
Herbal tea $1.00 p/person (inc. air pot of hot water)
Lemonade $3.50 /gallon)


Marinated Chicken Skewers (Thai, teriyaki, BBQ, Sweet Apple Vinaigrette)

Cocktail Swedish Meatballs in Lingonberry Gravy

Artichoke & Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms

Chilled Asparagus Spears with Lemon Dipping Sauce

Smoked Salmon Pate with Creme Fraiche

Whole Smoked Salmon

Skewered Beef with Thai, Terriyaki or BBQ Sauce

Brandied Peaches in Phyllo Cups

Wild Mushroom, Teta & Spinach Tarts

Baked Prosciutto Cups with White Bean & Pesto Filling

Shrimp and Andoullie Sausage Kabobs

Artichoke Parmesan Purse

Garlic Tater Skins with Smoked Onion Dip

Crab Cakes with Lemon Dill Sauce

Meats & Main Dishes

A Sampling of Selections

Scalloped Potatoes with Ham
$149.00   (30-40 people)

Chicken Wild Rice Casserole
$135.00   (30-40 people)

Vegetarian Lasagna with White Sauce
$100.00   (15-20 people)

Meat Lasagna with 5-Cheese Sauce
$110.00   (15-18 people)

Lutheran Church Ladies Hot Dish
$124.00   (30-40 people)

Roasted Pork Tenderloin
Swedish Meatballs
Roasted Turkey
Baked Ham

Salads & Sides

A Sampling of Salads…

• Fresh Vegetables Pasta with Creamy Vinaigrette Dressing (with or without Chicken)

• Spinach Pasta Salad

• Classic Potato Salad

• Smoked Corn Potato Salad

• Strawberry Mandarin Orange Pasta Salad

• Italian Vegetable Salad (with Pepperoni or Chicken)

• Wild Rice Fruit Salad (with or without Chicken)

• Chicken and Baby Shell Pasta Salad

• Our House-made Cole Slaw

• Sweet Sauerkraut Salad

• Baby Sweet Peas & Ham

• Nuts & Berry Salad

• Green Apple Salad

• 7-Layer Salad

Per gallon yields:
30 – 4oz Servings
25 – 5oz Servings
21 – 6oz Servings

Price Range per gallon
$27.00 – $58.00

A Sampling of Sides…

Apple Pecan Baked Beans
$40.00 (15 – 20)
$80.00 (30 – 40)
with andouille sausage
$52.00 (15 – 20)
$85.00 (30 – 40)

Au Gratin Potatoes
$42.50 (15 – 20)
$85.00 (30 – 40)

Smashed Potatoes (Regular or Garlic with Gravy)
$35.00 (15 – 20)
$70.00 (30 – 40)

Rosemary Roasted Baby Reds
$43.00 (15 – 20 )
$82.00 (30 – 40)

Fresh Vegetables – Seasonal availability at Market Price)

Catering Packages

Graduation Packages

Coming Soon!

Funeral Packages

Coming Soon!

Read what our customers have to say about Vanilla Bean Catering!

“My family hired The Vanilla Bean to cater our parents 50th anniversary party. Jason asked a lot of questions and made great suggestions on food for our event. The white fish platter was an especially big hit with our guests. I would use The Vanilla Bean again because the team was great to work with and the food was outstanding.” Mandy Larson